ATPL Confuser



The questions contained in this software represent questions that appear in the current set of the ATPL examination papers together with the appropriate multi choice answers. Test yourself in the comfort of your own home to see if you are ready for your ground exams.


This software will run in any Microsoft® Windows® environment from Windows 95 onwards including Windows 7 64 bit version.


This software will also run on any other operating system.

You can even install this software on and run it from a memory stick.


The tests are randomly generated from a database of over 4800 questions.

All the tests are timed allowing you exactly the same amount of time as you would get in the real exams.



The screen is simple and interactive just click on the button representing your answer you will be told there and then if you are correct

At the end of your test you will be given your overall score over 80% and you are on your way to taking the real test!

If you do make any mistakes:

On completion of your test you will be given a review of your incorrect answers to allow you to revise any particular areas where your knowledge may not be quite to the required standard.


All this can be yours for only £29.95.
ATPL Confuser (Download Only) £29.95
ATPL Confuser (CD) £34.95
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