About us, our Confusers, Flight Planning software and other useful utilities


Originally the idea of our PC based Private Pilot Confuser came out of need. The UK training program was changing from the original UK PPL scheme to the JAR syllabus.


Failing to find any PC based tests we created our own. The prototype was created in 1999 and I used this beta version to pass all my ground exams.


We started producing software for sale in 2000 with the introduction of our Private Pilot Confuser. This remains the only PC based PPL Confuser covering the EASA syllabus. Each year since we have revised and updated our software to keep it in line with the current question base.


A year later I undertook my IMC rating so we created the IMC Confuser and again I tested the beta version and used it to pass my ground exam.


In 2001 we introduced the IMC Confuser to our line-up.


Not content with regularly monitoring the questions in our question base to ensure that there are always questions which represent real exam questions we have also been busy enhancing the software that runs the tests you take.


In 2010 we introduced our Javascript version so that users of Mac, Linux and other operating systems could also use the PPL and IMC confusers to pass their exams.


in 2011 we introduced version 5 of our Windows version, this enhanced version allows you the same period of time that you will get in the real exam to make the experience of using our software even more realistic.


For 2012 we re-wrote the testing software for a greater functionality this has been written in Java so that all users regardless of operating system can enjoy a fully featured testing environment.


Now with over 1200 questions our software remains we believe the best PPL Confuser of all time. And we are pleased to say that the testimonials of many of our customers just goes to prove our claims.


With each passing year we enhance our software so you always get the very best PPL Confusers for your money.


In 2013 we released our Flight Planner which encompasses all current airfields, radio navigation aids, GPS points, disused airfields (if they are an aid to navigation) and populated places in the UK. Choose your home airfield from the list, choose your waypoints enroute and your destination. All your headings, distances, sunrise at your point of departure, sunset at your destination, True airspeed, leg times, fuel use, heading to steer, are all calculated for you.

Any other calculation you may need (for example conversions) can be accomplished using the built in E6B.

Use our flight planner to find the latitude and longitude of any place on the planet, get the current METAR and TAF, and also the latest NOTAMS.

Using our flight planner also allows you to view the satellite image of you destination so that you know what to expect so see upon your arrival.

You can also upload your planned flight into your GPS.


And yes we have integration with 3D mapping so you can fly your route on your PC before you FLY your route!


We can also offer many European countries to add functionalty and enhance you flight planning experience.


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