This software has been written in Java so that it can be run on PC, Mac, Linux, Android and many other operating systems.


Your device will need a minimum screen resolution of 230x240 to display this software correctly


The program is small enough to run on just about any device requiring only 75K of memory to store all the files necessary to run and approximately 31K of RAM when running.


Starting CheckList


Navigate to where you have unzipped “CheckList”



Double click CheckList.jar to run the program.



Opening a checklist.



Click “File” then click “Open”.



Double click on your aircraft type.

Or Click on your aircraft type then click “Open CheckList”.



Selecting a check type



Change the “Phase” to whatever operation you require a checklist for.



Select the area you wish to check.



When you have completed any particular check you may click the checkbox to indicate this check has been completed. “CheckList” will remember what you have checked so if you skip a step you may return to it using the “Prev” (previous) button.



Click “Next” to move on to the next task.


Creating a new checklist or modifying an existing checklist


Use your favourite spreadsheet program. If you do not have one you can get a free copy of “Open Office” by visiting this web site:


For simplicity we will show you how you would use Microsoft Excel


Run Excel and choose file open.



Make sure the “Files of type” is set to “All Files”

Click on the aircraft checklist you wish to open then click “Open”.


Click “Next”



Uncheck the “Tab” box and check the “Comma” box.

Click “Finish”.


Column A should contain the “Phase” type for each check.

Column B should contain the “Area” each check takes place.

Column C is the check to be performed.


Once you have modified the file click “File” then click “Save As”



Type “ the aircraft type and .chk” if you wish to create a new file and also ensure that the “Save as type” is set to CSV (Comma delimited)” otherwise just click “Save”


Happy and Safe Flying!



Click here to download the program.


Click here to download the user guide.