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Flight Planning


Take the hard work out of your flight planning with our free flight planning software.

Flight Planner

You know how complicated flight planning can be if you do all the required calculations to complete a flight plan in its entirety. Heading to steer to achieve track taking the forecast wind into account, Calculating your true air speed at altitude taking into consideration the temperature. pressure altitude and all the rest that goes into the equation. Wouldn't it be easier just to input what you know and have your PC work out the rest?


Here is the answer


At the heart is a database with over 10 Million; Airfields (Including private sites and farm strips), Disused airfields, DMEs, Gliding Sites, GPS waypoints, Helipads, Microlight sites, NDBs, TACANs, Towns, VORs, VRPs, Waterports and other Navigation aids visible form the air globally. Any other waypoint can be added, there is no limit to the number of additions you can make!


The UK database has over 47,000 points. Many more than any other flight planning software you will find.

Pick you route from the thousands of choices in the database

Route Planning

Simply pick from the dropdown menu your departure airfield, waypoints en-route, and of course your destination. All headings and distances will be calculated for you.


All the light grey boxes on the flight log will automatically be calculated for you.


Enter your planned altitude, planned indicated airspeed along with the forecast wind and temperature at the altitude you plan to fly. Your true airspeed will be calculated along with the heading to steer to make good your track.


Add your planned time of departure and your ETA to each waypoint will also be calculated and the total duration of your flight will be calculated.


The program will also calculate the fuel required for each leg and the total required for the trip.


You will also be given the sunrise time at your departure airfield and the sunset at your destination.


Built into the program is an E6B function with 23 Aviation functions and 14 Standard conversions.


The program will also provide you with the current TAF and METAR for your destination along with access to the latest NOTAMS.


Take your notebook with you and add your ATA for each leg, your ETA will be automatically updated.


Update the wind aloft or any other information and your leg times and totals will be updated instantly.


This in itself should be enough but a reciprocal route will also be calculated for you so you can fly the same route in reverse without having to enter any additional data.


Printout the flight plans for your knee board


Upload your route to your GPS.


Full documentation is provided with our software.

See your destination before you fly so you know what to look out for

Aerial View

Add any other data you need  can be entered into the outbound route this will also be reversed for your reciprocal journey.


This software will run on any operating system including Windows (95 onwards including 64 bit versions), Linux, Mac or anything else you might have.


Additional databases to cover France, Spain, Ireland, Belgium and USA are also available.

All other countries around the world will also be available soon.


All this and free how much better does it get?


Works in all 64 bit versions of Windows including Windows 10.


Download the CD image here


Download the user guide here


We welcome your feedback on our software, if you would like to see additional functions we will do our best to incorporate them.

We can also incorporate additional features into our databases please let us know if you would like additional features in these too.


Please email us for the software key ( there is no charge for the unlock code.


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