VFR / IFR Flight Log


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Instructions for completion

1. Fill in your name in the PILOT Box

2. Fill in the aircraft registration in the AIRCRAFT Box

3. Fill in the USEABLE FUEL box with the total for your aircraft

4. Fill in the CONSUMPTION box with the number of gallons per hour your aircraft uses. (This will be used to calculate fuel use)

5. Fill in the top left hand FROM box with the name of your home airfield.

6. Fill in any other data relating to your home airfield such as ATIS, TOWER, GROUND frequencies etc.

We suggest that you save the sheet at this stage as it will serve as a template for future use.


To complete your flight plans


1. Next fill in the first way point/destination in the TO box to the right of your your departure airfield.

2. If you need to enter more waypoints enter these in the TO boxes below. The FROM boxes will take their data from the previous waypoint. (auto complete).

3. In the MSA column please enter the Minimum Safe Altitude for each leg.

4. Fill in the altitude you plan to fly at in the PL ALT box for each leg

5. Fill in your planned IAS in the IAS box for each leg.

6. Enter the forecast wind at the altitude you plan to fly in the W/V box for each leg.

7. Enter the regional QNH if you plan to fly on QNH for each leg or leave at 1013 if you are planning to fly at a flight level for each leg.

8. Next enter your true track for each leg in the TR(T) boxes for each leg.

9. Enter the distance for each leg.

You should notice at this stage that a lot of the other fields have been calculated and auto-completed for you and that your return flight has been completed in its entirety.


10. Next fill in the radio frequencies of the ground stations you will need on route in the Comm STN column.

11. along with service type in the SVC field

12. and the frequency in the Freq field.


13. Fill the the radio navigational aids with any you will use in the Nav STN column.

14. Ident

15. SVC

16 and Freq fields.


17. Finally you can enter your planned take of time and the sheet will calculate your ETA to each waypoint.


Your entire plan is now complete as is you return (reciprocal) journey.


Please print out the sheet onto A4 and we suggest that you now save it using the destination airfield as the filename this way you can always print another copy without having to fill in the information again.


If you have a portable computer or similar take this log with you. If you update any of the values the sheet will recalculate using the new data. For example if you enter an ATA your ETAs will automatically be revised.


We hope that you will find that this planner saves you time and helps to eradicate errors.


Happy and safe flying!


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