Pilot Log Book



Instructions for completion


Please enter the date of your last medical.

Please enter the validation period of your medical in years. If your medical lasts for 6 months please enter 0.5.

Please enter your club (or groups) recency requirement.

Please enter your last IMC test (if any).


1. Fill in the date of the flight in the DATE column.

2. Fill in the aircraft type in the TYPE Column (alternatively you can fill in the registrations and types in columns AD to BC and the type will auto-complete when the registration is entered)

3. Fill in the aircraft registration in the REGISTRATION column.

4. Fill in the name of any instructor in the NAME column otherwise leave as "SELF" (Self will allocate hours as P1 any other name will allocate hours as P u/t.

4. Complete the FROM and TO Columns in the FLIGHT DETAILS section.

5. Lastly enter the brakes off time into DEPARTURE and brakes on time into ARRIVAL in the FLIGHT TIMES columns.

The flight duration will be calculated automatically and added to the totals accordingly.


If your flight was a night flight or there is anything else you wish to change you can edit the entries manually.


We hope that you will find that this log book saves you time and helps to eradicate errors.


Happy and safe flying!


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