Test Creator Pro


Test Pro has been created to be as flexible as possible.


  • Firstly there are no limits on the number of questions that can be contained in the question bank.

  • The number of questions in any test can be specified.

  • Questions may be presented in order.

  • Questions can be selected at random for presentation.

  • Results of each test are recorded.

  • The files containing the questions are small optimising disk space used, one hundred questions uses approximately 30Kb of disk space.

  • The program too has been optimised to use as little memory as possible, when running it uses around 40K of RAM. Apart from the programs scalability it is also extremely flexible in how it can be configured.


The tests can be configured in a number of ways:


Because the results of each exam are recorded an examinee can be  presented with a confirmation box to ensure that they are the person expected at a particular computer and that the exam they are about to take is the one they are expecting.



If you have chosen to present the user with confirmation they will see a box similar to the one shown here.



Next is is possible to present the examinee with additional information about the exam should this be necessary.



If you have chosen to present the user with additional information they will see a box similar to the one shown here.



When the examinee clicks on an answer their choice will be marked with a question mark as shown. The questions can be answered in any order. The user can skip questions then go back and answer them at a later stage. The user may also review answers and change their responses if they wish.


At the end of the test the user is presented with their results.




If required and configured it is possible to allow a pass certificate to be printed for the examinee to take away from the testing centre with them.

A standard certificate for use is provided with Test Pro.

Your organisation's logo and or certificate can be incorporated please contact us for a quote.


Practice Mode

In practice mode you have two choices:


The operating mode previously described or


Allowing the user to see if the response they have made is correct.

If the user is permitted to see if their answer is correct they must answer each question in turn before they are permitted to move on to the next question. The ability to go to a previous question is disabled in this mode.




At the end of their practice exam you can allow the user to review their answers.

Explanations can accompany the exam and in this mode can be shown along with the correct answer to aid learning or revision.



It is also possible to provide additional information to the user in the form of another image perhaps containing both text and images this if available can be shown by clicking the "Detailed Explanation" button (not shown).


The Test Pro Teachers edition allows you to create your own exams and includes an integrated copy of the students edition so that you can test your creations.


The teachers edition is available for only 29.95.


The students edition is licensed separately depending upon your requirements please enquire for details.


Click here to contact us about the students edition.



MCN: CD01H-L7M08-K0XK2

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